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Wedding Flower Planning and Budget

The planning of your wedding is an important time in your life. Attention to every detail is essential to a successful event. Flowers play a sentimental and romantic role in the Bridal Experience. The photographs that are created will last your lifetime. Style, taste and tradition will be part of your final decisions and the personal choices you, make your wedding day your distinctive celebration.

It is the job of your chosen florist to connect and blend the elements of your wedding. Take time to plan your floral decor. It could be with color or a signature flower that holds significance to you. These memories and photographs will last a lifetime, so make sure the flowers express the wedding of your dreams.

At some point in planning your wedding flowers the subject of money is going to come up. It is best to be proactive. Make a budget for the whole event, include everything you can think of, especially the main elements of the event. The top five will be the ceremony and reception site, catering, flowers, wedding party attire, and photography. In today’s market place there are dozens of other products and services trying to position themselves as being absolutely necessary, you have to learn how to make choices and decide what is important.

A budget is simply a plan for controlling expenses. What follows here is simply a way for you to calculate the price for wedding flowers on your own. Here are three levels of approach; but keep in mind that every Bride’s tastes are different and at Cherry Blossoms Florist our specialty is custom wedding flowers.

The prices listed are estimates, the final costs will be determined by the types of flowers used and the degree of difficulty involved in the items. We require an in person consultation to go over all the details of what you want for your special day, before giving an actual quote. Think of this as a beginning in the planning process.


Price List for Flower Planning

These are approximate pricing guidelines.

  Price Range
Bride’s Bouquet  
Costs may fluctuate depending upon flower choices.
(Cascade Bouquet prices are determined at consultation based on level of dificulty.)
  $200 - $350

Cascades start at $350
Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids   $85 - $175 each
Junior Bridesmaid   $60.00 each
Flower Girls’ Bouquet
This might be a bouquet, a pomander or a basket.
  $45 - $60 each each
Flower Girl Baby's Breath Crowns   $30 - $45 each
Flower Crowns   $60 - $90 each
Corsages   $35 - $50 each
Boutonnieres   $15 - $25 each
Ceremony Flowers:
  Wedding Altar
  Aisle Flowers
Pricing contingent on structural components needed.

  $200 - $500 each
  $  25 - $150 each
  $750 - $3500
Reception Flowers:
Table Centerpieces
Elevated Centerpieces

  $ 50 - $125 each
  $200 - $575 each
Set Up Fee
based on what is needed for set up
Timed Delivery
for Orders over $1000 only
Under $1000 must be picked up
$100 minimum/ Amount determined by distance

Now, just to illustrate how this works let’s put together a budget for the Traditional Bride level.

Description: # of and Cost Each: Total Cost:
Bride 1 @ $200.00 $ 200.00
Maid of Honor 1 @ $125.00 each $ 125.00
Bridesmaids 4 @ $100.00 each $ 400.00
Junior Bridesmaid 1 @ $60.00
$   60.00
Flower Girl 1 @ $45.00
$   45.00
Corsages 2 Mothers @ $50.00 each $ 100.00
Corsages 3 Grandmothers @ $35.00 $ 105.00
Corsages: 3 Sisters of the Groom
3 @ $35.00 each $ 105.00
15 @ $15 each $ 225.00
Ceremony Flowers
2 @ $200.00 each $ 400.00
Reception Flowers:
Cake Flowers
Toss Bouquet

20 tables @ $65.00 each
1 @ $ 75.00
Free with all packages

$    75.00
$      0.00
Sales Tax (CO 8.45%) $   265.33

That is how to make a budget. The best thing to do is get all your dreams spoken out loud and put down on paper. The really, really, really important things are evident right away. And what is not important is also right in front of you. This potential budget puts beautiful flowers as a prominent aspect of your wedding day and every single person attending will know how special this turning point in your life is and how much their presence is appreciated. And remember that you are in control of the budget.

Call and make an appointment to talk it over in detail. (303) 422-5650 Ask for Cherrie.

You can download our wedding flower budget planner to start your own flower budget.